Bowie Commons stands as a counterpoint to typically inefficient and isolated suburban development. Located across the street from Bowie Town Center, Bowie Commons' open and green grounds are accessible by foot to a variety of retail and community services. Following a detailed energy audit in 2008, MOMI took measures to update existing systems and ensure the 1980's-era property is managed and maintained using the best practices in sustainability.

Sustainable features at Bowie Commons include:

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Energy-efficient heat pumps and hot water heaters.
  • Digital thermostats for increased efficiency of heating and cooling units.
  • Ceiling fans in each unit.
  • Paint, sealants, caulks, adhesives, etc were all chosen for their minimal off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • When carpets wear out, they are recycled and their replacements are made with recycled content.
Energy-Conserving Features
  • Energy-efficient building lighting, including compact-fluorescent light bulbs used throughout common spaces and in all apartments.
  • Energy-Star appliances used in each apartment unit.
  • Double-paned windows provide excellent insulation in both summer and winter.
Water-Conserving Features
  • Every unit comes with Niagara flapperless toilets that conserve water while still offering a powerful flush.
  • Water-conserving plumbing fixtures used throughout property.
  • Located in a walkable community, with restaurants, shopping and services easily accessible on foot.
  • Directly across the street from the Bowie Town Center and adjacent to the Bowie Senior Center.
Waste Disposal
  • Building-wide recycling, including special programs for fluorescent bulbs and batteries.