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Spacious residences in a wonderful neighborhood. The Franklin's efficiency, one- and two-bedroom apartments are reserved for Section 8-qualified elderly and/or disabled residents. This HUD program allows us to provide well maintained and affordable housing to low/very low income households.

Located about a mile away from the Red Line's Takoma Metro station, the Franklin sits on a leafy, tree-lined street in Takoma Park, Maryland. The 185-unit building comprises eight floors distributed among three wings. Originally constructed in 1952, the Franklin underwent a major renovation in 2010-11. Funded in part through an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus loan administered by HUD, the Franklin received a new heating and cooling system complete with new boilers, a cooling tower, new heating/cooling consoles in every unit and new windows. In addition, the heating and cooling for the management office, the lobby, and the community room are now provided by a geothermal system. The system works by accessing water in a 1,200 foot deep well. When the water comes back to the surface it is the same temperature of the earth (which ranges from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

The renovation also included a number of other major improvements. For example, the old 3.5-gallons-per-flush toilets were replaced with new flapperless, water-conserving Niagara toilets that only use 1.6 gallons per flush. In addition, the community room was given a significant upgrade; a new mailroom offers tenants bigger mailboxes and more privacy; a new laundry room features state-of-the-art, water and energy conserving appliances; and all the old lighting in the building has been replaced with high-efficiency lighting. Finally, low-VOC paints (volatile organic compound: paint with lower odor and less impact on air quality) and finishes were used throughout the renovation.

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